Saturday, 26 May 2007

tyger tyger burning bright in the forests of the night

Couldn't resist posting this photo. Out of focus and all- which is why the Blake quote- although the Little Black Sambo (sorry but I remember the original version!) tigers chasing each others tails and turning into butter might have been appropriate too).
I was taken to the zoo last Sunday by the nephews.
I just wanted to see the tiger cubs.
This is their mum pacing the boundary of their enclosure whilst they frollicked in the trees.
Ahh- there is nothing like a big cat for the soul. Paws for thought.


  1. this photo is lovely miss pen, and the smiling pene too...

    i am loving my sparkly gloves...

    my dad used to read me the tiger before bed when i little...

  2. you know miss penpen, that book was one of my absolute favourites as a child as well in fact i'd put money on that being the start of my fascination with butter. And given the english father and his love of rudyard kipling the tiger has always been a personal fave.

  3. Mr Lane and Little Black Sambo were and are kindred spirits! He adores those buttery tigers, then and now! We have a lovely old love worn copy of the book, all tiger eared and worn. He will be happy to hear that tiger is still burning bright.....

    Sarah x


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