Thursday, 10 May 2007

there must be a change in the weather....

I've spent the last month plodding through the lack of cash-flow. Droughts aren't just about water.
Strangely the amount of work I've been doing (heaps) is not showing in the bank account (empty or awfully negative).
It's kind of like watching those big black clouds pile up, threatening rain and thunder and lightning, only for them to pass right over your head. You just end up jittery and parched and just a little bit out antsy.

So now I'd like a change in the weather and this is my rain dance.

To continue the weather metaphor, I'd like a shower or two to water my creative garden (new metaphor). So I can see that the hard work isn't for nothing, and so I can feel like new things are going to happen... hey there's enough 'manure' around here for something to take root.

Should probably stop right here with those metaphors.......
But you get my drift.

Choosing to work for one's self isn't the easiest lifestyle choice and especially when it is in the craft field. I may do work for companies that would appear to be quite successful (and for some others that I wish to help) but trying to get money out of people at the moment is unbelievably soul destroying. I know you must all be sick of my complaining but the stresses of the last few weeks have taken their toll today.


  1. Like getting blood out of a stone, in my experience.

    Well, it's not a rain metaphor, but it's keeping on the nature thing.

  2. but what if I could get gold out of the stone?
    then a whole new range of jewellery!

  3. aha miss pen... i'll do a raindance for you too...

  4. I glad it's not just me doing the constant bleating. the worst thing is you dont want to sound desperately poor - you want to sound sparklingly successful. I have so many 'opportunities' but so little cash. sigh. you are not alooooone miss pen pen

  5. consider my dancing shoes well and truly 'on' in unity miss pen pen


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