Saturday, 26 May 2007

idle hands are the devil's plaything

{Thanks to all for the rain dance help. Whilst things aren't perfect yet (if ever!) things have got better. It's hard to be creative when all your energy is going towards just keeping your head above water. Again with the metaphors, etc,etc, blah,blah, apologies}

So what has been happening? More work, new product and a few new stores to get stock into. Paul at D+H laughed that everytime he sees me I have something new on the boil. Well idle hands are the Devil's plaything!
Being Saturday I did spend a largeish chunk of the day reading the newspapers (and dyeing gloves and making bracelets- if you know me you know I love to multi-task) and in the article about Carolyn Fraser (writer and printer) in The Age she talks of her craft as being like..'getting 8 hours of sleep. It's both a necessary and deeply satisfying activity to me. Without it I lose the strongest connection I have between my head and my hands.' Yep- know how she feels. The last paragraph was also interesting, about how artists co-opt technologies for their own ends once the technology is commercially obsolete. I like that.

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  1. Yes! Yes! I read that too!

    Mused on it for the rest of breakfast, I did.


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