Saturday, 14 June 2014

well smocked

What a topsy week that was. 
And now here is Saturday again.
Perhaps it was the holiday on Monday that threw everything into confusion but I am glad that tonight I might be able to throw myself on the couch and fall asleep... after I have baked off a batch of choc chip cookies for a Ben's Turning 6 Party tomorrow, of course as they need to sit overnight for the chocolate to set again.
I'm feeling embarrassed that the only work I seem to photograph or talk about at the moment is based around Harvest Smocks- long, regular and short, wool cashmere, linen and denim.I have a mountain of other work in the studio that needs doing (and a sale to organise) but the smocks keep selling and so I need to keep making. I'm pretty chuffed by the lovely response we are getting about them. Thank you. Apart from the denim smocks many are made in very limited quantities as a lot of the fabrics are pieces that I have been hoarding for years or get in very limited amounts from my wholesalers. I haven't had a chance to get them online as they just don't stay in the shop long enough or we have only a couple of them but if you are interstate, in the country or overseas we can arrange a sale over the phone or by email. 
I'm desperate for a break away. It's been a hard slog since last September and I know I am getting grumpy and short tempered, with myself mainly I must admit. I'm still juggling doctors appointments and nerve tests and waiting to have the wire removed from my wrist that is impinging on a nerve making my fingers numb and causing acute pain. I could deal with the lack of movement (in fact I am pretty used to that now) if it didn't hurt so damn much. I also need to go back to Cradle Mountain and lay that first fall that started all this to rest. To stand on the boardwalk, breath some icy air and say 'thanks for a shit of a year, I'm done with it now!'. 
It;s been a funny start to what they say is going to be a warm Winter. I have all these lovely woollies that are great for cold but not too cold weather, bits that are great for layering when/if it gets colder but I am happy we never go in heavily for big wool coats when the seasons can be so finicky and undecided like this one is being. I want cold, I want rain, I want toes that feel warm in wool cashmere socks, heads protected by beanies and hands in gloves. Come on nippy weather, I need you!
Lordy! I'm running late now! Better get my skates on! I'm in the shop! 

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