Saturday, 7 June 2014

another long weekend

I've been a bit worried that I have been posting too many Harvest Smock photos on social media of late but they have been the main thing that I have been making over the last few weeks. Don't worry there is a lot more sewing on the horizon and lots of stuff to take photos of soon!
It's a long weekend here and most of it will be spent trying not to procrastinate over things that really need to be done. Things like cleaning and glove dyeing and pennant cutting and more cleaning.... and I have a hankering to make chocolate chip cookies as I still have a huge bag of Callebaut choc chips sitting in the cupboard and due to a moth infestation in the pantry I am dreading discovering they have attacked these precious yummies. Baking would mean I need bench space and that is something seriously lacking in the kitchen at the moment not to mention any floor space with boxes of gloves and yarn everywhere.
I'm longing for a trip away down south but I don't see that in the near future. I am getting depressed seeing photos of everyone else's jaunts to the southern isle.I need quiet, fresh air and some green therapy otherwise I can not be held responsible for anything I do or say.
There has been a bit of a clean in the studio this week and a load of rubbish hauled to the tip, I now have a cubic metre free but there is still a mess from hell clogging the space. I am aiming to clear enough space to then be able to have a studio sale. The last three times I have started to plan a sale I have broken my wrist so you can see why I am slowly easing myself into this! Stay tuned!
I'm so glad there is more of a chill in the air, I love Winter as you know and that crazy balmy weather in May was making me a tad bored. Coming out of the studio the other afternoon I could feel an icy tendril and it brought a smile to my dial. The street my studio is on runs east-west and in Winter when there is snow brewing on the mountains you can see great snow laden clouds to the east and feel the cold on your cheeks. I love that extreme after a hot sweaty Summer and feel energised and awake.
I'm shopgirl today. I have had no chance to plan anything to keep my hands busy so I am hoping for a busy day to keep me awake. We've gloves and socks for your extremities, Harvest Smocks in denim in regular and long lengths, a stunning cashmere wool one (must make one of these for me!), super woollen cardis and jumpers and scarves for your necks. It is time for a big cushion restock soon too and I have lots cut out and ready to go at the studio.... oh there is so much I need to do at the moment!
OK, better make a move. Shop prep on Saturday always seems so involved and rushed. Here until 5!

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