Thursday, 20 September 2012

snippet good

Media snippets always seem to happen at the same time, they come in like buses, none and then three. Yesterday it was bits and pieces seen on D-Files and then in the afternoon the latest edition of Country Style came out with one of our vintage linen cushions in a Spring photo shoot. I'm waiting on new shipments of the vintage linens to arrive, I've got some gorgeous florals arriving. My life at the moment seems to be hunting things down long distance then typing and sending off emails and finally waiting on beautiful things to arrive from far away places. I have always dreamed of being independently wealthy and travelling the world finding fabulous things, sending them back and then twice a year throwing the doors to my Aladdin's Cave of a warehouse open and selling it all off to start again. Ha ha.
I worked away in the studio yesterday but kept getting sidetracked into other things than what I should have been concentrating on. Oh look! Bright and shiny idea floating passed! The Stella skirts are almost there and just need to be 'topped and tailed' (facings and hems). I also made myself sit on the couch last night and I only have two more ric-rac-roo waistbands to sew before they go back to the studio for buttonholes and buttons and a good press.
Better bust a move. Have to be in South Yarra by 10am and I still have the two huge boxes of Welsh blanket cushions that are heading to Sydney to label.

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