Thursday, 13 September 2012

out of practice

A day in the studio with an order of Welsh cushions to be finished to go off to Sydney for a commercial job. Sometimes I am so out of practice, it's only been a couple of weeks since I did the last batch, I shouldn't be so slow. I managed to slip in work on the ric rac skirts and I'm hoping that I get a few finished and ready to go into the shop for Saturday. I need to dig out buttons, mustn't forget.
It's almost impossible to move in the studio, next week I'm promising myself to do some sorting and packing things away. Four bags of cushion inserts have just arrived and things are pretty dire! Lots of making needs to happen to use up as much stuff as possible, it's far more satisfying than just folding everything up and shoving it in boxes.
I also need to stop eating sponge cake......


  1. Noooo pen! You have reminded me of the bad state that my workroom is in :/

  2. Noooo pen! You have reminded me of the bad state of my workroom :/


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