Saturday, 25 August 2007

steak and kidney

If you are a reader of HML you will know that Miss Rebecca and I took a jaunt up north this week, spent a day in Sydney, a place where we both get that feeling of 'same, same but different'. We know we were in Australia but....... Scotty, its not life as we know it!
You will also know that Beck got in before me with the Fleur Wood pics- or should that be 'picks'?- for the best window displays seen for quite a while. So I've decided to sneak in with the Williams St Paddington barber photos. The window display has been the same for as long as I have been going to Sydney, it is however immaculately clean and dusted. Beck got sprung taking her photos and got told off- she had to push it and spoil it for everyone! (her words)

I wonder how many people want to buy that box of Youthair....and is it pronounced 'youth-hair' or youth-air'?

Anyway I thought I'd include my own swan window photo. The big swan is a total beauty.

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